John Wayne’s Granddaughter Jennifer Wayne to Co-Host ‘Flip-U’ TV Series

John Wayne’s Granddaughter Jennifer Wayne to Co-Host ‘Flip-U’ TV Series

A new house-flipping reality TV series is coming to the Design Network. Flip U is set to premiere in Spring 2023, and the show has lined up an exciting team to host the new show. Country music superstar and granddaughter of the iconic John Wayne, Jennifer Wayne co-hosts with Brad Rempel, lead singer and songwriter for the Platinum-selling group High Valley.

Flip U follows the stars traveling across Nashville to help people flip their houses and turn a profit in real estate in Music City USA. Flip U stands for Flip University. And Wayne and Rempel act as the professors teaching people how to maximize their profits while selling their homes.

Jennifer Wayne is of course the granddaughter of Western film icon John Wayne. But she’s no stranger to the limelight herself. She performs with the country group Runaway June and has even collaborated with Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban.

Brad Rempel is also a country music sensation as the lead singer and primary songwriter for High Valley. He’s written many chart-topping songs but he also brings decades of construction expertise. Wayne is also passionate about real estate and combined they’ll make the next housing expert duo on the Design Network.

The Stars Are Excited for Flip U
The network released an official statement regarding the development of Flip U. CEO of The Design Network Jason Harris said the whole team is thrilled to bring this next project.

“Everyone wants to know what it takes to buy a house for a certain price. Spend the money and sweat equity fixing it up, and make 100 grand on selling day,” Harris said. “Our team is thrilled to be bringing flipping programming to TDN in 2023. Led not only by talent with great real estate experience, but deep roots in country music. Jennifer and Brad bring an electricity to our network that we can’t wait for viewers to experience.”

Wayne said in the statement that she and Rempel have actually known each other for years. They always bonded over their shared love of real estate

“Brad and I would always run into each other at shows. And we’d always end up talking backstage about real estate,” Wayne said. “We’ve given each other a few tips throughout the years, and we can’t wait to share them now with our viewers!”

Rempel echoed the same excitement and he can’t wait to bring Flip U to viewers. “When Jen and I run into each other on the road or in the studio, we always trade house flipping stories,” Rempel said. “We are so excited to share what we’ve learned over the years and pass it on to all the students of Flip University.”

Flip U promises to be a “celebration of DIY, country music, and the hottest real estate market in Tennessee.” The entire six-part series from The Design Network will be available to viewers in Spring 2023 on streaming platforms including Samsung TV+, The Roku Channel, Amazon’s FreeVee, Pluto, Sling, and a dozen more.


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