‘Rawhide’: Clint Eastwood and Paul Brinegar Toured as a Musical Act During the Show

‘Rawhide’: Clint Eastwood and Paul Brinegar Toured as a Musical Act During the Show

Rawhide stars Clint Eastwood and Paul Brinegar went around as a musical act during their show. You might ask, “How did they tour around the world while acting in a show?” It seems like a lot of hard work, but then again, nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to Clint Eastwood.

Back in 1965, Eastwood began his musical journey in a vocal booth with the song, Sierra Nevada. Being no stranger to the music industry, the rising star eventually cut his first album, Cowboy Favorites. He would normally sing western tunes since that was all he knew. But it worked for him and fans loved everything he did.

Although, there’s always going to be people in life who say you aren’t good enough. But you shouldn’t care what people say if it’s something you really want. And Eastwood went through this with one of his producers, Kal Mann. For example, Mann was not impressed with his latest project at the time. After the release of Sierra Nevada, Mann decided to be brutally honest with him. And he said Eastwood would never make it as a singer. But that criticism didn’t stop him from living his musical dream. In fact, it just inspired him to keep pursuing this journey. And he proved Mann wrong.

MeTV recorded Clint’s response to his producer in Patrick McGilligan’s biography.

“I know,” he said. “But I’m going to make it big somehow.”

After that point, he won four Oscars and a few Golden Globes. Can’t you see Mann sitting back and thinking, “Wow, I should’ve believed in this kid when I had the chance.”

He made his mark in the music industry by not listening to anyone who doubted him.

How Clint Eastwood and Paul Brinegar Went On Tour While Filming Rawhide

After he proved his producer wrong and won many awards, he decided to go on tour. But he wasn’t alone on this tour. That’s right. His co-star in Rawhide, Paul Brinegar, joined him for this experience. However, the two icons still had to film for the show while they toured around the world. They got to play at rodeos and state fairs all over the world.

According to MeTV, the Eastwood-Brinegar act promoted their musical journey in a 1962 issue of the Amusement Business Calvacade of Fairs.

“The actors were available individually or as a group,” it said. “Your local agrarian festival could hire the performers for the price of $15,000 for a single date!” Back in the day, this was a great deal. Because in today’s world, the article said it ranges to about $125,000.

Do you hear that? Yes, it’s Mann regretting what he told Easton.

Overall, it seemed like a lot a of work for the two stars. But with a lot of effort and passion, anything is possible. And they did it.

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