10 Lesser-Known Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Daughter, Francesca Eastwood

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Daughter, Francesca Eastwood

Being the daughter of the world famous director, actor, and producer Clint Eastwood and actress Frances Fisher, means that Francesca Eastwood has always led a fairly charmed life. Born into fame and fortune, she quickly decided to follow in the family’s footsteps and pursue her own acting career.

At the age of just 27-years-old, she has already amassed an impressive $5 million net worth and has an impressive resume that boasts a number of highly acclaimed movies and television productions. She has had some controversial moments in the spotlight, became a mother in 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down. She has an impressive following on social media and is known to share life’s special moments with her fans. Here are some interesting facts about Francesca Eastwood.

10 Her Career Started At The Age Of Two

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Many child actors start their careers at a young age, but being born into a Hollywood family meant that Francesca was literally born in to her role as an actress. At the very young age of just 2-years-old, she made her first incredible film debut by starring in her mothers’ film, The Stars Fell On Henrietta.

Proving that some things are best when kept in the family, she then went on to play the role of “daughter” to her actual father in the 1999 movie True Crime. Now there’s a plot twist!

9 She Jumped Out A Window During A House Fire

When Francesca was just a very young child, she was counting down the days until Christmas, but she had no idea what dangers were lurking ahead of her.

Famous People reports that it was on Christmas morning in 2001 that her house caught fire, and her very life was at risk. Trapped in the home with limited options for escape and surrounded by growing flames, little Francesca Eastwood jumped out of her bedroom window and into her mother’s arms. Thankfully, she was treated for smoke inhalation and released.

8 She Could Live Off Ice Cream

We all have a special food item that is too good to resist, no matter what the circumstances, and for Francesca, the winner is definitely ice cream. She can’t resist ice cream and will eat it anytime it’s offered to her. She has stated that if it had enough nutritional value, she’d make it the sole food item in her diet.

Sadly, she can’t quite pull off an all-ice-cream diet, so she just sneaks it in as a treat whenever she has the opportunity.

7 Her First Marriage Was Annulled After 8 Days

Francesca’s very first marriage was an interesting one, to say the least. She married a very prominent man by the name of Jordan Feldstein, who is the brother of Jonah Hill and the manager of Maroon 5. They tied the knot in a small ceremony in Las Vegas in 2013 and seemed to be having a great time.

However, a mere eight days later, Eastwood filed for an annulment. Even by Hollywood’s standards, that marriage was very short lived. Tragically, Jordan passed away of a blood clot four years later.

6 She Thinks Pickles Are Disgusting

When it comes to food aversions, Francesca just has one, but she’s very serious about it. She doesn’t like pickles and refuses to eat them under any circumstances. In fact, she happens to think they’re absolutely disgusting and shuns them if they’re within close proximity.

It looks like relish is out of the question…

5 She’s Mesmerized By Her Japanese Toys

There’s one thing that truly seems to intrigue Francesca and that’s Japanese toys. No matter how old she is, her inner child comes to life each time Japanese toys are uncovered. In fact, her obsession with Japanese toys spreads on to all Japanese items. She says they come with little extra things that are so cool and very cutting edge and she has a true admiration for Japanese items, in general.

4 She’s 20 Years Younger Than Her Husband

Age may “just be a number,” but when it comes to an age difference between a married couple, that number suddenly carries a whole lot of significance. Francesca is currently married to Clifton Collins, whom she married in 2017. By all accounts, they seem very happy and truly in love, but fans were worried about this couple at first. The reason for their concern is the fact that Clifton is a bit more than 20 years older than her.

Clifton is also an actor who has appeared in a variety of different movies and TV shows, so the two do have a lot in common, but that age gap is a bit much for some fans to absorb.

3 She Got Death Threats For Burning A Purse

Francesca’s most controversial moment to date, is when she appeared on Mrs. Eastwood and Company alongside her then-boyfriend Tyler Shields. The two made the headlines during an episode in which they felt it would be comical to light up a $100,000 Hermes Birkin Purse.

Fans immediately retaliated over her careless behavior and implied she didn’t have true appreciation for her privilege. She and Tyler received death threats and were harassed for their behavior. TV Overmind captured her justification when she declared; “Shields said “People spend $200,000 on an album cover, they spend millions on catering for movies, they spend money to create things–that is all I am doing with this.”

2 She’s Obsessed With ‘Titanic’

There are millions of fans across the globe who are huge fans of the movie The Titanic, but perhaps none are quite as obsessed with it as Francesca is. While most assumed the reason she was so intrigued is that her mom was in the movie, the truth of the matter is that Francesca is obsessed by the actual story behind the film.

Francesca would ask her mom to re-enact scenes with her when she was preparing for the movie, and she even had a Titanic-themed birthday party with two people from the movie, as well.

1 She Rode Horses Competitively

Many people are unaware of the fact that Francesca is a highly skilled horse rider. In fact, when she was younger, she demonstrated exceptional skill when riding.

She went on to spend endless hours perfecting the art of horseback riding before throwing herself into competitive horseback riding. She remains passionate about horses to this day.

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