Everything We Know About Clint And Scott Eastwood’s Relationship

Growing up in the shadow of a hugely successful parent isn’t easy. But when said parent is Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, the ensuing difficulties are manifold. With his charismatic good looks, Scott Eastwood has certainly inherited his famous dad’s signature charm. The handsome actor, who turns 35 this month, is the mirror-image of his iconic dad. Accordingly, it must be difficult for Scott to try and forge a name for himself in his own right, particularly when he is constantly reminded of his illustrious father.

Father to eight children, Clint Eastwood has many baby mamas and this has resulted in some discord in his relationship with Scott. The two share a complex relationship replete with hurt, heartbreak, and, ultimately, harmony. Here is everything we know about the charming duo’s relationship.

10 Scott Has Acted In Several Of His Dad’s Movies

Clint is known for forging great relationships with his actors. It’s no surprise, then, that Clint and Scott have a healthy and prosperous working relationship, as evidenced by the former’s casting of his son in a number of his movies. Scott made his onscreen debut in Clint’s 2006 film Flags of Our Fathers, in which he had a minor role, and went on to feature in Gran Torino and Invictus, both directed by his dad. Additionally, the father and son acted alongside each other in Trouble With the Curve, directed by Robert Lorenz.

9 Clint Had An Affair With Scott’s Mom

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At the time of Scott’s birth, Clint was recently divorced from first wife Maggie Johnson and had begun living with his frequent co-star Sondra Locke.

During his cohabitation with Locke, Clint is reported to have had a number of affairs, one of which was with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, who is 21 years his junior. The affair produced two children: Scott, born in 1986, and Kathryn, born in 1988.

8 Clint Was An Absent Father

For the most part, Scott grew up without a father. In fact, there appears to be some acrimony between his parents. Scott was actually born Scott Reeves, only adopting his paternal name much later. Tellingly, his mother wrote ‘father declined’ on both her son and daughter’s birth certificates, meaning that Scott and his sister were born legally fatherless.

7 Clint Made His Son Audition To Be In His Movies

Ensuring that his kids didn’t receive preferential treatment, Clint made Scott audition for his movies and paid him the Screen Actors Guild minimum wage. In an industry rife with nepotism and seemingly spoiled celebrity offspring, it is commendable that Clint highlighted the importance of working hard for roles. This strong work ethic resonated with Scott: ‘My dad never gave me a cent’, he told Men’s Health, ‘he made me work for everything.’

6 There Is A Massive Age Gap Between Father And Son

Jacelyn Reeves was 35 when she gave birth to Scott; Clint, meanwhile, was 56. Having kids later in life has some notable benefits, so it is likely that the elder Eastwood has been able to impart his worldly wisdom onto his young son.

Considering the fascinating life Clint has led and the incredible film makers he has worked with, he must have an endless supply of tales to regale his children with.

5 Scott Moved In With His Dad As A Teenager

While Clint was absent during Scott’s childhood, the two were able to reconcile when Scott moved into his dad’s California home while at high school. When queried about his son moving in with him at this stage, Eastwood told Esquire, ‘He was a pretty good kid. Not much of a problem.’  Despite past rancour between Clint and Jacelyn Reeves, Eastwood praised his former flame for raising their son well: ‘His mother gave him a lot of values, because she’s a good person.’

4 Clint Was A Disciplinarian

According to Scott, his dad could punish him with a single look: ‘he’ll take you down with a look. He will take you right down’, he told BackstageOL. This isn’t surprising considering Clint’s calmly menacing demeanour in Dirty Harry and his Sergio Leone Western roles. As Scott elaborated in an interview with Men’s Health, ‘Man, he was hard on me, but it hardened me and gave me drive.’ An appreciation of the merits of discipline is paramount to an actor’s profession, so this strict upbringing certainly helped Scott hone his craft.

3 Like Lothario Father, Like Lothario Son

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Infamously, Clint has sired many children and had multiple extramarital affairs, which is all too common in Hollywood. Like his dad, Scott also loves the ladies and has been linked to numerous beautiful women, including The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev. However, unlike his dad, Scott’s relationships appear to be monogamous. Tragically, his girlfriend Jewel Brangman was violently killed in a car accident in 2014. She was 26. Opening up about his tragic loss to GQ Australia, Eastwood reflected, ‘Maybe it’s made it harder for me to date.’

2 Clint Is Scott’s Hero

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Perhaps the most wholesome and heart-warming aspect of Clint and Scott’s relationship is Scott’s declaration that his father is his biggest hero. On Instagram, he wrote that his father ‘made me into a man’. Regardless of Clint’s lack of involvement in his early childhood, Scott has no negative feelings towards his dad. Instead, the two enjoy a very positive and enriched relationship. Moreover, since Clint is still working hard at 90, he is a prime example of why we need to reject ageist stereotypes of older people, which must be an inspiration for his kids.

1 This Was The Best Advice Clint Ever Gave His Son

In an interview with Chicks in the Office, Scott said that ‘shut up and listen’ was the best advice his dad ever gave him. A man of few words, this comes as no surprise from the enigmatic movie star. Undoubtedly, Clint gave his son an important life lesson, encouraging him to embrace humility and to be open to other people’s points of view, which is a pivotal skill to have in the fickle Hollywood industry.

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