Clint Eastwood Once Explained His Secret to Living Anxiety-Free for 40 Years

Clint Eastwood Once Explained His Secret to Living Anxiety-Free for 40 Years

To most of the world, Clint Eastwood is an unflinching hero, a beacon of strength and unfailing grit. Through his nearly 70 years in Hollywood, Eastwood has portrayed some of the toughest characters in cinema history. In reality, however, Clint Eastwood is like all of us, just trying to make it through the day with his sanity intact.

Though he just recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, the Man With No Name remains in relatively good health with a strong work ethic. And the secret to his serene outlook on life might surprise you – meditation!

According to the Dirty Harry star, he’s “religious” about his meditation habits, as it’s the best weapon he’s found against the constant stresses of daily life. “I’m a great supporter of transcendental meditation,” Eastwood explained in a 2011 speech given to the David Lynch Foundation. “I’ve been using it for almost 40 years now.”

“I think it’s a great tool for anyone to have and to be able to utilize it as a tool for stress,” he continued. “And stress, of course, comes with almost every business. I think there are enough studies out there that show that transcendental meditation or TM, as we all call it, is something that can benefit everybody.”

Clint Eastwood Once Shared His Secret to a Long Life

For most people, reaching the age of 92 in great health would mean kicking back in a lounge chair on a beach somewhere and simply enjoying their golden years. For Clint Eastwood, however, 92 isn’t so different from any other age.

Rather than retire, the Gran Torino star prefers to continue with his career and stay active as long as he can. According to Toby Keith, Clint Eastwood explained that the key to staying young no matter your age is to never “let the old man in,” as reported by Billboard.

In addition to a youthful mindset, the Western icon is careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That includes meditation for his mental health and exercise and a nutritious diet for his physical health.

“Stay away from carbohydrates,” Eastwood warned fans in an interview with Health Fitness Revolution. “Keep a scale in your bathroom. Get proper rest. Try to be optimistic. Eat fruits and raw vegetables. Take vitamins. Skip beverages loaded with sugars. Avoid alcohol in excess.”

Given that he’s nearing 100 years old and still leading an active lifestyle, Clint Eastwood clearly knows what he’s talking about. Keep in mind, however, that Betty White claimed a diet of hot dogs and vodka and lived to be 99, so…do with that information what you will.

That said, the common denominator is a positive attitude. If the habits of Clint Eastwood and Betty White are any indication, maintaining fantastic mental health is the real secret to living to 100.

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