Clint Eastwood’s Hilarious Outlook on Age Was Inspired By His Late Grandfather

At 90 years old, Clint Eastwood is still going strong. Ellen DeGeneres pointed that out to the Hollywood icon during a 2019 interview on her show. Eastwood was a younger man at the time and at 89, he really didn’t seem too worried about his age. Why? Simple. He just doesn’t think about it.

Ellen opened the interview by cracking a lighthearted joke about Clint Eastwood’s age.

“Just in case you forgot, you’re 89 years old,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

Eastwood wasn’t having it. He joked right back by standing up and pretending to leave, coffee mug and all.

The two talked about his upcoming birthday and Clint revealed that he felt good. That’s when Ellen asked if it mattered to him that he was turning 90. His response?

“I don’t think about it. I sometimes think, when I was a little kid, I used to hang out with my grandfather who was in his nineties. And I thought… who the hell would want to live this long?”

“Turns out you do,” Ellen quipped back.

Maybe Clint Eastwood was onto something with his perspective there. People are always saying that age is only a number, but the legendary actor is a walking example of how that might actually be true.

Clint Eastwood Isn’t Showing Signs of Slowing Down

The “Dirty Harry” star is still making movies. He turns 91 in May. That’s impressive to say the least.

Fans may remember that he starred in “The Mule” in 2018. Not only did Eastwood carry the movie as the leading man, but he also directed it. According to IMDb, he plays an appropriately 90-old veteran who ends up smuggling drugs for a Mexican cartel.

The following year he directed another major motion picture, “Richard Jewell.” It released in 2019 to both critical and audience success.

According to IMDb, Clint Eastwood isn’t slowing down. And much to his longtime fans’ delight, it appears that he’s returning to his Western roots. “Cry Macho” is set to release in 2021. Eastwood will once again be starring in and directing the film. It reportedly follows a former rodeo star tasked with helping a boy get away from an alcoholic mother.

Knowing Eastwood, it’ll probably be worth a watch.

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