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Carolyn McGivern’s book, John Wayne: A Giant Shadow, detailed the struggles the cast members and crew faced filming Hondo. On top of that, Wayne disliked the director, John Farrow, and their filming equipment was not in good shape, so it developed faults quite often.John Wayne charmed Geraldine PageMcGivern also noted that Wayne left the actress spellbound after their time on Hondo set, as she had nothing but sweet words to say about the Shootist star. “He is a fantastic, fantastic man,” Page enthused. “He’s an enormous man. I have never encountered another man quite as big, rugged, strong, loud, critical, mean, short-tempered, quick to seek forgiveness, and even quicker to give it, profane, intelligent, or supremely gifted.”She continued, “He has an irresistible charisma. I love him and would do anything for him. The best thing about him is that he will scream himself hoarse and suddenly apologize and seek forgiveness.”

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