John Wayne’s Estate Shares Perfect Duke Quote Alongside Vintage Photo – My Blog

John Wayne’s Estate Shares Perfect Duke Quote Alongside Vintage Photo – My Blog

The world lost a hero with the passing of John Wayne. Lucky for us, however, The Duke left behind plenty for us to remember him by. Along with a catalog of films spanning four decades, we also have entire books’ worth of sage wisdom from the icon of American manhood.

John Wayne lived his life unapologetically himself but always did his best to respect those who meant the most to him. In a recent Instagram post, The Duke’s estate shared a classic picture of the actor, along with a quote expressing this exact sentiment.
In the photo, John Wayne looks to the side with a smile on his face and a lit cigarette in his hand. The quote reads, “I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please”.
We can all learn something from figures of the past, but with his never-say-die attitude, dedication to the things that matter most, and quiet tenderness, John Wayne is a particularly good role model to have.John Wayne’s Memory Lives on Through His Family

Though John Wayne will certainly never be forgotten, his son and granddaughter help to keep his memory alive by discussing their time with The Duke on the John Wayne Gritcast. The weekly podcast, hosted by Ethan Wayne, “is a fresh perspective on a classic icon and the Americana he still inspires”. In each episode, Ethan Wayne “discusses his father’s life and legacy with Hollywood legends, old friends, and those bringing The Duke’s values to life today.”
On the most recent episode of the Gritcast, Ethan and Jennifer Wayne (John Wayne’s son and granddaughter, respectively) shared their thoughts on The Duke’s legacy. On the Instagram post promoting the episode, the caption reads, “He’s our hero and I think that’s never going to go away”.
When asked about the future of John Wayne, his granddaughter Jennifer replies, “I feel like John Wayne is a forever thing. He’s not going away.” Ethan Wayne agrees with the sentiment, adding, “Meeting him, and knowing him, whether it’s on-screen or in person, is good for you. It’s good for the country.”
Over 40 years after his death, Wayne continues to inspire fans around the world. They made it clear in the comments under the post that they couldn’t agree more with Ethan and Jennifer. Fans of The Duke shared thoughts such as, “Can’t beat John Wayne! A wonderful man and actor!” and “Love this great patriot who cares for all! Many could learn a lot from his legacy!”


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