8 Movies the Western Legend Worked on Props for Before He Was Famous – Old western – My Blog

8 Movies the Western Legend Worked on Props for Before He Was Famous – Old western – My Blog

Actor John Wayne starred in Western and war movies that filled his filmography. However, he didn’t initially get his start in front of the camera. First, Wayne worked at Fox in the props department on several films before getting his first leading role in Raoul Walsh’s 1930 Western adventure called The Big Trail . Here are the eight movies Wayne worked on in the props department before he was famous.A detective poses as a bandit in an undercover mission to stop a streak of train robberies from continuing. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the railroad president’s daughter.The Great K & A Train Robbery is a silent film directed by Lewis Seiler and written by John Stone from Paul Leicester Ford’s novel. It’s the first of the movies Wayne served as a property assistant on, but he also starred as an uncredited extra.‘Mother Machree’ (1927)

An impoverished Irish immigrant finds work in America at a carnival, giving her son the opportunity to attend a prestigious school. However, the school expels him when its leadership discovers her line of work, so she gives her son to the principal and his wife to adopt to give him a better life.John Ford directed Mother Machree from Gertrude Orr’s scenario and Rida Johnson Young’s story. Similar to other movies Wayne worked on at the time, he worked on both the props and played a small role as a bit player.‘Four Sons’ (1928)
A family saga depicts how the events of World War I tear them apart. Three sons of a Bavarian widow go to war fighting for Germany, while the fourth goes to America before the two countries became enemies.Ford directed Four Sons , which was a war drama adapted by Philip Klein from I.A.R. Wylie’s story. The cast included James Hall, Margaret Mann, and Charles Morton. In addition to Wayne working on props , he starred in an uncredited role as an officer.‘The Black Watch’ (1929)At the break of World War I, a captain in the British Army’s Black Watch is tasked with a secret mission located in India. However, the assignment resulted in his fellows thinking of him as a coward, which becomes increasingly apparent.Ford directed The Black Watch , a Pre-Code adventure epic written by John Stone and James Kevin McGuinness based on Talbot Mundy’s novel. Wayne worked in props, but he also worked as an extra as a 42nd Highlander.‘Words and Music’ (1929)Two college students named Phil and Pete compete for Mary’s love. Meanwhile, they also take part in a songwriting contest for the annual revue.Words and Music was directed by James Tinling from a story written by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan and Jack McEdwards. It starred Lois Moran, Tom Patricola, and David Percy in this music comedy feature film. Words and Music was the first film where Wayne earned a credit as “Duke Morrison” as a property assistant.‘Born Reckless’ (1930)A gangster tries to pull off a jewelry heist, but he gets caught in the process. The judge overseeing his case sentences him to serve in the war in a political move. After the gangster survives, he returns home to open a club, but he maintains his connections with crime.Ford directed a screenplay written by Dudley Nichols based on Donald Henderson Clarke’s novel. It starred Edmund Lowe, Catherine Dale Owen, and William Harrigan, along with Wayne in an uncredited role as a soldier, in addition to working with props.‘Rough Romance’ (1930)Set in Cascade Mountains of Oregon, two men fight over the affection of a young woman.A.F. Erickson and the uncredited Benjamin Stoloff directed 1930’s Rough Romance , which was based on Kenneth B. Clarke’s original story. The film stars George O’Brien, Helen Chandler, and Antonio Moreno. It’s another addition to the movies that Wayne with props, while also starring in a small role. This time, he played a lumberjack.‘Cheer Up and Smile’ (1930)A young college boy agrees to stand in for a popular radio singer when they’re injured after a robbery. After his girlfriend recently broke up with him, he refuses to back down from proving all of the people wrong who doubted his success in life.Cheer Up and Smile was directed by Sidney Lanfield from Richard Connell’s story and Howard J. Green’s adaptation. Arthur Lake, Dixie, Lee, and Olga Baclanova lead the cast, with Wayne appearing in another uncredited role, in addition to his job as a proper


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